Frequently Asked Questions

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Absolutely not! We do not recommend you purchase our laptop table to eat snacks on, use as a TV tray, or a perch for the bird. As the saying goes, “You can’t be everything to everyone.” Laptop Laidback is specifically designed for laptop users who want to maximize comfort in the horizontal position. Our research shows that elbows must be able to lay on top of a surface while allowing the fingers and hands the mobility to use the keys. Have you ever tried working above your head? (ie) wallpapering or painting; You would have noticed how tiring your arms get in the is position. Now, all that being said, we do have customers that have found other uses for Laptop Laidback such as a stand to rest a book on while reading in bed.

No! Comfort is our number one priority. Placing your laptop on a table horizontally puts your arms and wrists in a uncompromising position that may cause long terms health problems on your forearms and wrists. At Laidback We -R- Inc., we decided to not provide an angle that could result in injury.

Laptop Laidback will hold at least up to 22 lbs.

Please keep in mind that most laptops weigh less than 4 pounds. We chose to design a laptop table that is strong enough and light enough (weighs under 3 lbs) for mobility and shipping.

After a short time at a typical home, office desk or hotel room desk many users experience fatigue and pain ( neck, arms and shoulders) due to the incorrect height/position of the screen relative to the keyboard.Laptop Laidback alleviates this and it is the only laptop table to deliver a pain free reclined solution because of how it positions the keyboard while at the same time positioning the screen level for ease of viewing. Neck fatigue is virtually eliminated because of pillow support. Arm fatigue is eliminated as the arms are supported on each side of the upper torso as they rest on the bed where the elbows make contact. The LAIDBACK is the only product that can place the keyboard where it needs to be as it responds to an individuals body size, arm length and hand size by virtue of its simple but effective adjustment / assembly system.

Laptop users who use their laptops directly on their legs or tummy ( like university students using laptops on beds in dorm rooms ) become overheated and uncomfortable . Supporting the laptop on the legs in addition restricts leg movement and in fact requires a rather unnatural leg tension for support and laptop safety/balance. Laidback removes weighty / heavy / tension generating laptops from the body areas they are stressing. Using a laptop with our LAIDBACK takes the weight away, channels the heat away keeping user and notebook cool (which also extends the useful life of the laptop) and allows leg movement / repositioning which is so vital to remaining comfortable. Placing a laptop on the legs is proven to be unhealthy for some and for many it has resulted in toasted skin syndrome.

It most definitely will provided you are able and comfortable in a laying down relaxed position.. We realized very early in our design process that many people cannot experience the joys and conveniences of a computer due to many different situations such as back injury, disability, recent surgery or prescribed bed rest sessions. These individuals, who have been productive, alert and engaged often become somewhat demoralized because they cannot be productive or engaged during rehabilitation periods or if these conditions are extended or permanent …. they often lose hope & sense of purpose. We have customers who have been able to compute for the first time due to their injury or disability and many others who have been able to extend their hours of production.

Laptops have found their way into many home offices where they are again used by professionals as desktop replacements. These professionals are well aware of the effects of laptop use on their backs / necks / midsections. Such arrangements restrict the time that can be spent on these machines and thereby restrict productivity. Our Laidback offers a solution wherein longer spells can be comfortably worked particularly late in the day when many of these professionals still have much computing to do. When these road warriors hit the hotels, their portable LAIDBACK, can be with them … again delivering the ultimate workspace … in spite of the ergonomic woes of laptop computers.

Yes, Laptop Laidback can be easily disassembled and snapped into itself for convenient carrying. It fits into the the typical carry-on luggage bag or into larger back packs while adding less than 3 lbs or 1.4 kg. You do not need to put the pieces back into a box in order to carry it.

Laptop Laidback is very easy to assemble without the use of any tools. NO TOOLS REQUIRED! There is a simple diagram printed shipped with the product showing how to assemble it. It will take less than 1 minute to assemble…and I can now assemble it in 30 seconds. The website also provides extremely detailed instructions with high quality pictures and video. (Click here for details)