- enjoy longer periods at the keyboard

- use your laptop without the pain of sitting

- reduce boredom during bed rest

- increase productivity while recuperating

aptop bed table offers unique advantages

Advantage #1

Screen and Keyboard Viewing Without Neck Flex

With this laptop bed table, the screen naturally presents itself straight ahead. Eye movement alone will allow you to see both screen and keyboard. No need for neck movement up and down.

Advantage #2

Fingers Easily Reach the Keyboard

Half of the solution to the comfort equation is to be able to tap the keys easily with minimal arm lifting. This laptop bed table design is unique in its ability to create that environment.

Advantage #3

Elbows Remain Supported on Bed

The other half of the comfort solution is to have the upper arms remain on the bed as you type. This eliminates fatigue during prolonged keyboarding. This sought after arrangement is only possible when the table surface bottom edge is almost touching the abdomen.

Advantage #4

Users Legs Have Lots of Space for Movement

Being able to reposition your legs as you please while you work reclined solves circulation issues in the lower extremities and eliminates that trapped in feeling. Even when you are tucked under the blankets this movement is available with the Laidback.