Why It's a Notch Above the Competiton

Light and Portable

Light and Portable

Weighing less than 3lbs / 1.8kg it's light to move around and it fits airline overhead baggage.

Quick and Easy Setup

Quick and Easy Setup

No tools required. Place four T-knobs in place ... adjust components and tighten.

Markers Allow Identical Setups

Markers Allow Identical Setups

Once you've discovered the height and angle that works for you, marker points on legs allow quick assembly to that identical arrangement.

Laptop Support Clips are Movable and Height Adjustable

Laptop Support Clips are Movable and Height Adjustable

These "clips" stop the laptop from sliding down on your mid section. They can be moved so as to not interfere with your wrists as you type.

Velcro Squares Supplied

Velcro Squares Supplied

Place a couple of velcro squares on the bottom of your laptop to securely hold it in place ... even if the dog jumps in the bed !



The components needed strength without brittleness. That was achieved using ABS with a specific % of glass fiber. Wheelchair wheels are made of similar very tough material ... to last a lifetime.

Table Angle Locks Every 5 Degrees

Table Angle Locks Every 5 Degrees

That allows you to lock-in where you are comfortable. The table adapts to you ... you DON'T have to adapt to it.

Narrow ... Not Bulky

Narrow ... Not Bulky

This let you lie down and work on many sofas, cots and it does not hog all the surface a typical queen sized bed ... two people can be "LAIDBACK" in the same bed.

"This product should be standard issue for anyone awaiting or recuperating-from surgery."

Comments left by our customer on HealthBoards.com

How We Made It and Why it Can Help a Variety of Conditions.

AKA: The Gorey Details


The team which developed this laptop bed table had functionality as the primary target. Experience with a variety of prototypes illustrated the need to have keyboards strategically positioned if they were to be used for hours on end.

Users come in a variety of sizes with a variety of midsection and arm-length dimensions and to complicate matters even more, keyboard positions vary from laptop model to laptop model. The "LAIDBACK" needed to be highly adjustable to allow for whatever the user and technology variations brought to it.

The evolving laptop bed table needed to be adjustable, strong and light. The design team, taking qualities from the wood based version which sold for over a decade, designed components which would be injection friendly. Molds were manufactured, re-shaped and a variety of high-tech plastics were tested until the right balance of strength and flex was achieved.

Quality hardware components of T-knobs and Velcro were chosen and the design was completed. Testimony to their quality work is the fact that with 10’s of thousands of these in the hands of users worldwide, the product is standing up to the test of time as it closes in on 10 years of making it in the marketplace.


Symptoms of multiple sclerosis, ALS, paraplegia, poor lower leg circulation, stroke, spinal cord injury and even ongoing back pain can effectively confine individuals to bed for very long periods of time. The preceding list of conditions is far from complete but it shows that using laptop in bed has to be the priority for many wanting to be the most they can be.

If you find yourself in that situation, what can you do to overcome the sense of boredom, isolation and despair? Computers have been enabling individuals for decades. With the proliferation of social media use and computer based careers, isolation is far less of an issue but only if the technology can be where the user needs it to be.

The LAPTOP LAIDBACK can hold a tablet or laptop for an immobilized person at the position that their unique set of circumstances requires. This type of reclined orientation allows longer access times than when one is trying to use devices in their traditional locations while balanced on the chest or on the lap. These prehistoric arrangements encourage poor posture as keyboard and screen views are very limiting. The choice is now yours and you can remain socially interactive to the degree that you wish to.

You can remain totally informed of advances in your medical condition. You can keep abreast of world events and offer up your opinions to those who matter. There would be a greater possibility of employment as in many cases the quality of your productions would not be hindered by lack of computer access.

All we are saying, is why not increase the odds of being informed, happy and productive. This is not so much equated with ability to move about .. now that the LAPTOP LAIDBACK is available.


For any one of a variety of reasons you might be finding yourself temporarily immobile and needing to use a laptop bed table. Broken bones in the lower extremities, waiting for or recuperating from knee or hip surgery are but a few circumstances otherwise healthy people are finding themselves enduring. Awaiting surgery for knee or hip replacement or even for the newer less drastic measures, one can be immobilized for months. Moving about can be a painful struggle. This can be devastating as pain and waiting quite often leads to demoralization.

Needless to say, it would a huge improvement in your quality of life if you could proceed with a "business as usual" existence. We believe our laptop bed table can be the solution you’ve been searching for. Your tablet or laptop can allow you to remain engaged and productive.

You may need to go beyond what your cell phone can do for you. It is universally accepted that a full sized keyboard is needed to have any acceptable degree of productivity.

With that keyboard placed for comfortable access and a screen easily seen, you can go beyond the pity-party or funk and be productive as you mend. You can wheel and deal as you heal.

It may not be as good as if “it never happened” but you should make the best of this unexpected, uninvited setback.

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