Pain Injury or Disability

Is your mobility restricted from accident, injury or illness?

Even with mobility issues we must remain productive.   Down time can be such a drag … affecting our attitude, our outlook and often our income.  Remaining “in the loop” keeps us upbeat.    We heal quicker, smile more and we’re not such a pain to be around.

In fact there may be an upside to your current situation … that being your discovery of how comfortable laptop computing can be.   If you’ve been assigned bed rest or you need to recline as you heal,  we have created the product to keep you productive and connected 

 With the LAPTOP LAIDBACK you can make the best of this unexpected circumstance.    Remain connected to your universe during short or long periods of immobility.

LAPTOP LAIDBACK,  the laptop bed table designed for the reclined,  allows you to stay in the game until you’re back in the game!